How do Medicare advantage plan work?

Description of Medicare advantage plans

Medicare advantage plan is a type of Medicare plan. It is offered by the private company and it contracts with the Medicare so than you can achieve all the Part A and Part B benefits. The Medicare advantage plan is a huge one and it includes many things such as the private fee for service plan, health maintenance organization, special needs plans, preferred provider organizations and Medicare medical saving account plan. When you enroll into the Medicare advantage plan you can avail the benefits of all the Medicare services in the plan which is not covered in the original Medicare. The Medicare advantage plan covers the prescription drug coverage.

Types of Medicare advantage plans

There are different types of Medicare advantage plans such as the Preferred provider organization plans, special needs plans, private fee for service plans and health maintenance plans. Some other plans are also available which are used less. HMO point of service plans is the plan that helps to get some more services out of the network at some higher rates. Medical saving account plans is the plan which combines the deductible health plan with the bank account. The Medicare company deposit money into your account and you can use it in the health services during year. There are other types of Medicare advantage plan also.

Are Medicare Supplement Plans Better?

Watch the video below to see if one of the Medicare Supplement Plans are a better option for you.

Working of Medicare advantage plan

The Medicare pays an amount to the companies that offer the Medicare advantage plan. The amount paid is for the care of your health and it is paid every month. The Medicare advantage plan is different for different people and it charges different costs. So the rules of the Medicare advantage plans are also different. The services like you have to go to referral or a specialist or you have to visit the doctor and other facilities depend on the Medicare supplement plans. The rules change every year. The cost of the Medicare advantage plan depends on different factors. The cost remains same in different states.

The Medicare advantage plan covers the prescription drug coverage. Some of the Medicare plans do not cover the drug coverage and so you can join the Medicare prescription drug plan. You can have the drug coverage either through the Medicare advantage plan or Medicare prescription drug plan. If you are already enrolled in any one the drug coverage plan then you will be not be enrolled into the other one.

Considering tax benefits while on Medicare

Investments in life

People get pension in their retirement. But many of the people forget that the pension that they receive in retirement is taxable. If you are in the tax bracket of 30% when you are working, then it is very likely that your income after the retirement will be taxable. Most of the people go for investments such as fixed deposits of bank and many others whose returns are taxable. It is thus said that you should act smartly. If you are getting the annual interest on bank deposit and it is more than Rs. 10000 then the bank will deduct 10% of it in the form of tax. These rules are levied in all countries.

If you are in the category of the high tax bracket then you need to pay the difference to the tax department and thus it is better to take the post tax returns into the account when you are working with the retirement plan. I will explain you this with an example. If you are investing in debt with 9% interest then the tax returns will be from 6.3 to 8.1% and it depends on the tax slabs of an individual. Investing in one of the Medicare supplement plans will help insure you in case of a serious medical condition during retirement.

If you are confused in such situations, then you should go with the tax obligations. You should look at the laces which can give you income and that are tax free. You can choose the provident fund option which has no tax if it is redeemed after long period. For example, the monthly plans have the equity exposure till 30% and they are taxed like the debt funds. So, one can go with the investment in the equity funds as returns form equities which are not taxed if they are sold after 1 year.

Proper planning for retirement

These things are not considered by many of the people. All these matters do not make too much importance when you are working but they are noticed and realized when you are at retirement age. Retirement should be planned very properly so that you can fulfill your needs and live as you are living in your working years. People make common mistakes when they are working and do not plan for their retirement. Savings and investments should be done in diversified form. Medicare should be considered in the early age so that you can cover your health expenses after retirement. If the Medicare is not sufficient you can choose the Medicare supplement plans.

How to Guard against Medicare Fraud

Fraudulent claims by people pretending to sell Medicare policies have always been a real problem, but it is an even greater issue now that the health insurance marketplace has launched.

People who have Medicare should be wary of claims that try to sell them on marketplace insurance. The marketplace polices are only for people who are not able to afford most other forms of insurance, and it is illegal for anyone to try to sell current Medicare subscribers one of these discount plans. If you have Medicare already, then you cannot use any additional marketplace plans.

One of the ways scammers will try to steal the personal information of Medicare subscribers is to claim that they are Medicare representatives and that they require your Social Security number. But seniors should be wary of unsolicited calls for Medicare, especially when those callers ask them to supply their personal information.

You should never give out your Social Security number to anyone who calls you on the phone. Instead, if you believe that Medicare needs your information, call them directly from the number listed on your Medicare card. That way you know for sure that you are getting in contact with an actual Medicare representative and not a scammer.

If you are inquiring about Medicare Advantage plans in 2017 be careful not to give your information over the phone.

Many scammers will attempt to persuade you to give them your information by promising rebates or special rewards for Medicare subscribers. But this is not a practice that Medicare typically engages in, and Medicare subscribers should be wary. Once again, just protect your personal information, and if you have any reason to believe you are being contacted by someone other than an actual Medicare representative, you should call the organization directly.

If you would like to know more about Medicare’s offers and chances to lower your rates, you should talk to their Senior Specialists. They can fill you in on all the details and answer your questions completely.

Making the Holidays Family Events as a Senior


It may seem like getting the family together for important occasions like holidays is not such a priority for the younger generations anymore. But the problem is that people today tend to be busier than they were just a generation ago. In order to grab their attention and make sure they take some time out from their busy schedules, you are going to have to plan well and engage them where they are at.

What this means is making sure that you make them aware of your plans for the family holiday. Don’t just assume that your sons and daughters, nephews and nieces and their children will take time out to spend with you and each other when Christmas or Thanksgiving rolls around. The holidays may not hold the same prominence to them, but that doesn’t mean you are not important to them.

Instead, give them plenty of time to prepare and make space on their schedules. Let them know a month or two in advance that you want to get together for the holidays. Many of the top careers in the world require that vacation days be requested a month or more in advance. So give your family that notice to allow them to get ready for the holiday. And make sure that they mark that time on the calendar.

The best holidays are the healthiest ones, and ones that you don’t owe a lot of debt. Be sure you’re properly covered for health insurance. To do so check the Medicare supplement plans 2017 to see how much you can save.

You may also need to communicate to them through channels they use. Even if you don’t use social media much, it isn’t very difficult to create a family event on Facebook. And Twitter allows you to bring every family member with an account into the conversation. If you’re not sure how to connect to your family through these avenues, then you should easily be able to find someone who does. Everybody it seems is using social media these days, and your acquaintances will probably be happy to help you use a social media account to get every together for the holidays.

Do You Need Medical Insurance after Retirement?

After retirement, your life can change drastically. And at that age, you usually need to pay close attention to your health. But will your physical status warrant medical insurance?

Well it does depend on the person, and in most cases, medical insurance is a good idea for someone at retirement age. This is primarily because many of the health risks you face can take effect unexpectedly and with little warning. You will need to be prepared if you are to deal with them without going into debt or facing a financial crisis.

And medical insurance can serve as a buffer between your finances and the rising cost of medical care. Odds are that your medical expenses will increase as you grow older. You will want to be sure that you are taken care of and that your finances do not suffer unreasonably when these health crises occur.

This is vital, since at retirement age it can be harder to get additional funds. You may not be able to simply take on an additional job or take out a loan. So having that insurance to cover at least a portion of your expenses can be a great benefit to you. With the insurance payments, you know how much you will be paying each month. You’ll need to look for the Best Medicare supplement plans 2016. You can figure that cost into your budget instead of trying to save out money for an undetermined medical emergency in your future.

And your insurance will go a long way toward making your medical expenses more bearable. Of course the amount of coverage you need will depend on your physical state. If you are in good health, light coverage may be all you need, but someone with serious medical conditions may require extensive coverage.

You should consult with your physician about your physical status and what kinds of medical problems you can expect in the future. Then you will be better able to plan ahead and have the right kind of insurance in place.

Financial Planning for Seniors

Your finances are likely to be a bit different once you hit retirement age. You may not be receiving as much money as you used to, though your expenses may be less as well. You might be paying less in gas money, since you won’t be traveling to work every day. And you can cook at home and save money on meals. So while your costs may go down, you still need to be aware of how much you are spending and what you can do with it. The following are some guidelines for how to manage your money as a senior.

Your first priority should be to make a budget for your money. Figure out how much money you have coming in each month. Remember to include Social Security, retirement checks, savings account earnings and everything else. One part of budgeting is making sure your health needs are taken care of. When it comes to Medicare that’s not enough. Look for the best rated Medicare supplement plans in your area and buy one. That way all of your bills will be covered.

Then tally that against your expenses- medical bills, groceries, utilities, insurance, rent and more. Be sure to include your annual bills as well, such as property tax. Once you have figured out how much you are spending and how much you have left, you can determine what to do with the remainder. The best course of action would be to save it up. You never know when you will have an unexpected expense. But be sure to put it somewhere that it can earn money.

You should also look at cutting costs where you can. Your insurance may not be expensive, but you may be able to do a lot better than what you are. First look around and see what is being offered in your area and to your age group. Then let your provider know you are thinking about switching. They may offer you a lower price just to keep you on.

While your finances are changing as you age, your lifestyle and quality of life don’t have to. You just have to plan well and know where to cut expenses.